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I grew up vaguely Christian (of the protestant kind). It was basically a means to hang out with kids from school who I was too embarrassed to have over to my house (we were noticeably poor). By about 13 I knew it was all hogwash. Then, as a freshman in college, I banged out the whole Satanic Bible in about a day. I laughed with it. I laughed at it. Pound for pound, it's the only "religion" that holds remotely any merit. Ya know, "be kind to people and live for yourself." Sounds pretty cool, but I could see how that last part could get out of hand a little. Then you become a "psychic vampire," and the spells and magic, yadda yadda. That's where it lost me. Oh well.

God is dead. Always has been. Always will be.


At least I'm not as poor anymore! Shit, I'm buying your blog. #baller

Guess I'll go shovel some more snow now.

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By Vectron's golden claw, this was a good one.

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After years of really digging the whole "basing your life on mythology" thing, I have come to a pretty serious conclusion: religion scores three big, big hits: Architecture, Music, and Art. After those three, well, it's just living your life based on mythology. Which is folly.

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The Grog Shop is in Cleveland Heights, the hippie cousin to Shaker Heights. ( but Cleveland cities are tough since there are like 10 cities that end in Heights.) I think the dude from How I met your Mother is from Shaker Heights though.

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i grew up in some weird ass apparently protestant church of christ nonsense and one of the weirdest things to me was how instrumental music being inappropriate was more of a debate than whether a suspected kid diddler should be kicked out...

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I grew up Catholic, too. I still feel guilty all the time even when i see someone else do something wrong, but fuck am I glad i never believed or got molested by the church.

I took a class in college called Comprehending Cults. It was fucking rad, we learned a lot about cults from famous (Branch Davidians, The Family, etc) to more obscure ones (Hare Krishnas, Oneidas, etc) and for a final project we literally had to visit and interview a cult and report back. The Hare Krishnas (International Society for Krishna Consciousness/ ISKCON) were dope and i really loved most of the things they did. They believe their god is coming back in disguise to test them, so you should treat every person you meet like they could be god. They make new clothes, huge feasts, and flower garlands early every morning to dress up their sattues of gods and lay offerings at their feet, then they take them out to the street and give them to hungry people, homeless people, shelters, etc. If you've ever had a person in robes offer you free garlands of flowers on the street or an airport, they were probably from ISKCON. They dont really try to convert people, they just chill and treat each other well. It's great. Downsides, they pledge not to have meat, alcohol, or sex. But if you fuck up and do those things, they just ask that you try harder next time. No sin, no heaven, and you worship by dancing and chanting. It's pretty dope.

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